Learning to “Drive social”

I love the idea behind the latest road safety campaign, the “Drive Social” campaign. Who is on the road with you? Who are the people that you share the road and who intrinsically trust you not to do anything stupid to harm them. Now that you know these people, can you respect their lives please? Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Which bubble are you in?

My theory of bubbles is year’s old. The seedling of this theorem germinated many years ago when I noticed that my clients sold to… well… sold to themselves.

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Phil Bilbrough: A brand and its pals.

I had the pleasant unpleasant experience of car buying last month. I love driving and cars. But I have the family role of car maintenance, picking out rubbish from them and generally watching them degrade. Buying cars is usually exciting, a game of analysis, requirements establishment, research and negotiation. And I love cars – sorry I said that. But this time it was hell and the internet wasn’t helping.

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Phil Bilbrough: new music

I love Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) and once, when she tweeted me a free ticket she made me feel that she loved me, mostly she just rocks me. She wouldn’t know my twitter handle from any of her 560,000 twitter followers, but I do know that she luvs social media and thousands really love her. Actually she knows more than just social media, more than online, she knows how and wanted to engage before marketers took that word. (Check this essay out (but do it some other time)). She just maybe the truly connected person of the moment – the coolest cyberpunk of all time. Hold up. Just a mo. Although I believe that Amanda knows online, breathes it when she chooses, and connects supremely, she is foremost an artist.

Amanda "F***king"Palmer

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Phil Bilbrough: Kony and the Invisible Children

“Yes Dorothy. You can change the world!” I dunno if the Wizard of Oz said those words, but I think that he would have. The Invisible Children people woke up one day and said lets change the world and I think that they have gone a long way to doing so.

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Phil Bilbrough: Try a little tryathlon

Try a little TRYathlon

Phil Bilbrough

Weetbix is the best brand in New Zealand. Trusted healthy and for a breakfast cereal… very active.  And I can’t think of a better sponsored event than the Weetbix Tryathlon.

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Phil Bilbrough: The easiest and hardest advertising campaigns

The easiest and hardest

By Phil Bilbrough

The easiest was my first. The hardest I’ve yet to do. I’m not talking about taking grief and a “hard” time getting the campaign out the door. All campaigns that I have development had wobbles, difficult clients, and dickhead creatives. I’m talking about being asked to tackle a problem through advertising that is tackled each year by many agencies in many countries for many years. That’s hard.

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Phil Bilbrough: When rugby comes to town

Loving the RWC it just keeps on delivering for me. Not so all RWC advertising related though. With some exceptions RWC advertising is dreary, dreary and just a bit dull… Telecom could have done much worse than go with the “Abstain for the game” campaign. Imagine Telecom having the most exciting ad!!
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Phil Bilbrough: a lovely truth

A lovely truth

by  Phil Bilbrough

The UNITEC stories mostly work for me. The trainee photographer, the nurse and the architect all beginning their careers at UNITEC and (at least I believe) to go on.  I don’t know how successful these ads are, but for me they mostly resonate. They are stories of hope, determination and persistence.  Yet it isn’t those attributes that resonate with me, its the people and their teachers. Their situations feel real, their challenges likely, and their goals genuine – and there it is. Its a lovely truth.

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Phil Bilbrough: OMG! Abstain


by Phil Bilbrough

It IS fantastic. Its a campaign that just keeps on giving – how fantastic is that? A campaign that will be remembered for all time.

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