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  1. rosa, 27. March 2009, 14:14

    Um, question from the general audience, who is interested in this topic anyway. What does SEM stand for?

  2. rosa, 28. March 2009, 4:16

    Thanks! I hope you didn’t think I’d missed out a question mark at the end of “who is interested in this topic anyway.” I meant that although I’m not a marketing etc professional, I AM interested in it! One thing that frustrates me about online ads is that sometimes the news page, for example, that I want to read takes way too long to load and I give up on it. When that happens I’ve often noticed down in the status bar that the website is trying to connect to some other server to load an ad. I hope you’ll cover some of the technical side of things as well to help ad professionals maximise their chances for the ad to at least be seen!

  3. Trix, 28. March 2009, 17:32

    I agree with the “better” premise, but I don’t agree with *more*. We’re already saturated with too much crap that is poorly targeted and delivered. Although I do think that smaller sites/blogs could have more non-intrusive advertising – techniques on how to achieve that could be interesting.

  4. Randy Shamak, 4. April 2009, 2:06

    Good information.

    In the present economic situation if you are looking to get your message across to people and advertising your business without spending loads of money, then you can opt for traditional outlets like print advertising agencies. These agencies can offer you classified ad space at special discounts. This is also a great opportunity especially if you are setting up a new business or are tight on your advertising budget.

    When you use a professional ad agency, you tend to receive an early notice of the special offers and prices and also a considerable reduction in the advertising rate for national press. So help your business grow by promoting it in the low priced publications. Use print media to cut your costs and boost your advertising efforts in this growing economic recession.

  5. Ros, 4. May 2009, 17:06

    Phil, I’ve just stumbled across your blog! I didn’t know this is what you were up to… I’ll read often. Cheers, Ros 🙂


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