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  1. regan, 8. May 2009, 17:59


    Can you write an article about the Telecom XT campaign?

    Am itching to comment!


  2. Rosalea, 15. June 2009, 10:00

    Perhaps I’m just not seeing something on youtube pages, but it really frustrates me that YouTube doesn’t show the date a video was posted.

    Have you seen this takeoff on Bye Bye American Pie: Mad Ave Blues?

  3. Sheldon (Marketing Consultant, Tauranga), 9. September 2009, 12:01

    Interesting, so would you agree that a corporate viral video needs these 3 components?:
    1. It must be entertaining/hilarious/amazing
    2. It must have a business objective, a reason for being
    3. A mechanism so that people can connect with you and become a customer

    Infact, I’ve written an article about this too: http://www.marketingfirst.co.nz/blog/2009/09/viral-video-how-do-you-create-a-viral-video-for-your-business/

  4. Phil, 9. September 2009, 23:00

    Hi, yes I would agree that a viral video needs those 3 components that you list. For me, your point 1 is the crux. Many videos may contain all 3 components but never go viral. It is point 1 that makes a video go viral – the attitude or that X-factor that turns a digital video into a viral video. And factor is hard to find and often when it is found the client can’t reconcile it (the x-factor) with their brand.


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