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St John Craner: Are you flying blind?

Are you flying blind?

By St John Craner

I am astounded by the number of companies who ignore how they’re perceived. Are you the same or are you being delusional because the truth might hurt? Knowing how you’re perceived by your market is absolutely vital. If you’re not self-aware you won’t know how to relate to how customers. And if you can’t relate to them, they won’t buy. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: MeTube


By Phil Bilbrough


YouTube is my kind of deal. For me it is more my space than MySpace ever was. Broadcast Myself? On no.

YouTube, LLC

YouTube (need I write this?)  is a social networking site based on digital material and an online platform for delivering video to other sites. It’s great, and a site whose importance stretches beyond its own URL. Read more »