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Phil Bilbrough: Google again

Google again

By Phil Bilbrough

Some time ago, a time before Twitter (ATBT), I presented my predictions for the online future. I believed that social networking sites would offer loyalty schemes to retain their audiences, that Sky TV would go online, that TV advertising would come under serious stress, that Google would take over the world, that we would lose a large newspaper, and that Micheal Jackson would would become the world’s oldest pop star. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Vote for the Kakariki!!! 8 inches of attitude

Its Forest & Bird’s “Bird of the Year” and I’m campaign manager for the sensational Kakariki. Check out why I think that the Kakariki is so cool here.

Its time to vote, go to scroll down the page (way past the Kea) and vote Kakariki for New Zealand’s Bird of the Year 2009.

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