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Merger to create full service Digital Agency

The original New Zealand online media buying agency, The Internet Advertising Bureau (IB), is set to join forces with digital acquisition experts Catch!Media to create a full service digital agency. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Hubris and Nemesis

Hubris and Nemesis

By Phil Bilbrough

As a part time environmentalist I have begun to see a new side of social media – one that niggles and hurts me, yet like a sadomasochist it makes me love it more. Read more »

St John Craner: Marketing Champs and Chumps of 2009

Marketing Champs and Chumps of 2009

By St John Craner

Here are my marketing chumps and champs for the year just gone. Supreme Chump: Telecom for best cosmetic makeover sold as organisational change, Supreme Champ: Air New Zealand for best marketing innovator without the use of big flash TV ad.

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