Merger to create full service Digital Agency

The original New Zealand online media buying agency, The Internet Advertising Bureau (IB), is set to join forces with digital acquisition experts Catch!Media to create a full service digital agency.

The decision to merge the two businesses has been driven by continued online advertising industry growth and the desire to provide clients with a full service digital offering.

Founded in 2000, the IB is arguably the most experienced digital advertising agency in New Zealand.  Over the years the IB has been approached to assist almost every media agency in New Zealand with their online media planning.

IB founder John Schofield established another digital media business Catch!Media 12 months ago. In its first year of trade Catch has already secured business from more than 20 new clients and as Schofield explains, the merger brings together the best new digital agency team with the most experienced digital buyers in the industry.

“The IB practically defined the medium in its early years and has been instrumental in creating the dynamic online media industry that we all enjoy today.

“The IB is renowned for effectively integrating online advertising into media agency planning. The structural change we’re making now delivers everything the IB has always done, but with more of a direct to client focus, and at the same time expands on that offer with a full suite of digital services”

Schofield says the merger will be complete next month and that the combined agency will be operating under the Catch brand.

“We’re expecting a smooth transition and we’re excited about the new Catch offer, we think our clients will benefit greatly from these changes and with so much potential for growth, it’s a good time to be working in the digital space”.

For more information contact:

John Schofield

Managing Director


ddi: +64 9 302 0240

mb: +64 2133 9941

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