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Phil Bilbrough: Dreaming of a world of perfect brands.

Dreaming of a world of perfect brands.

By Phil Bilbrough

I’m enjoying Steven Spielberg’s and Tom Hank’s “Brand of Brothers” It came out 2001 in the States and still resonates over there or at least it does on the web. “Brand of Brothers” is an American’s dream of which values America should uphold, a kind of “Brand USA”. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: “The End of the Line” Movie Premiere

 Environmental organisations, Forest & Bird, Green peace, WWF and ECO, would like to invite you to the New Zealand premiere of “The End of the Line.” This is a powerful movie about the collapse of some European fish stocks. At the end of the movie there will be an opportunity to ask local marine  expects about New Zealand fisheries. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: I was born to…

I was born to… (or Phil’s first rap)

By Phil Bilbrough

I was born to breathe your air, drive loud, gel hair
I was born to use the road, shove bikes, pull the load. Read more »