Phil Bilbrough: the Greenpeace Fonterra rumble in the jungle

The Greenpeace Fonterra rumble in the jungle

By Phil Bilbrough

And in the green corner, Greenpeace an international kickass environment group ready for all comers. In the blue corner Fonterra an international (New Zealand-based) kickass dairy company, and they are in the ring over climate change.

Greenpeace throw a onetwo a punch, and Fonterra (well we are still waiting), but they parry with this explicit response and a response of sorts in this article. I expect, and not related to Greenpeace’s latest jab, that these TV ads from DairyNZ are the industry’s general response to the environment lobby.

Punches thrown and parried, but is Greenpeace’s jab any good?

Well if I were on the receiving end, I would feel (once I began feeling again) that it’s pretty dam good, but I would say something else though, something like “its appalling.”

This video is light on the connection between milk Indonesian forest destruction palm kernel Fonterra climate change, but it makes you gag. It was genius to leave out the detail. I would have been crow-barring it all in.  It is a jab, its meant short and sharp. Greenpeace has already thrown punches in this bout.

Fonterra is more than a milk company it is a food and lifestyle company. Its a happy nutritious ingestion company. Nobody gags on their milk. Nobody questions the quality of their milk. This is New Zealand 100% Pure milk – Fonterra is 100% Pure – this is nothing to gag on. Greenpeace jabbed where the jab hurts. This bout is shaping to get personal.

And just when we circle for some more entertainment some nice uniformed person will come along saying “Move along, move along nothing to see here.” Fonterra is a heavy-weight, a driver of the NZ economy and it has survived some very nasty bouts. Fonterra will shape to land a hook, but then dance around the ring throwing threatening looks, on occasion pointing to a block of native bush, trying not to get flustered and waiting for 12-15 year points decision.

This viral video probably won’t go viral in a really viral way. It’ll hang round, catch a few water cooler conversations, fade, and pop up again in between racist comments from a TVNZ presenter. Gagging up hair is gross is for me, but its not the world class gross that would make it go viral, its not funny enough to go viral, and its about a serious issue. Viral videos aren’t serious about anything. Nevermind, because for 2 or 3 weeks this jab will have blood flowing out of Fonterra’s nose.


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