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Merger to create full service Digital Agency

The original New Zealand online media buying agency, The Internet Advertising Bureau (IB), is set to join forces with digital acquisition experts Catch!Media to create a full service digital agency. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Online cars, chocolate bars, and a city’s ripped backsides

Online cars, chocolate bars, and a city’s ripped backsides

By Phil Bilbrough

What are cars doing online? I mean you can’t take them for a drive. You can’t get inside, smell the new car smell, push the new buttons, rev the gauge into red, you can’t hold the wheel and rub your shoulder blades and buttocks against the new seat. You can’t open the ash tray and glide it shut, and you can’t slam the car door and hear that thump of quality. Read more »

Saatchi & Saatchi Nz Wins Big At Admedia & Axis

Press Release – Saatchi and Saatchi

The award season kicked off in style for Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Zealand offices with the announcement of the 2009 Fairfax AdMedia winners, closely followed by the CAANZ AXIS award show.
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“Hidden Vodka Bottle” Reveals Print’s Innovation

Press Release – Pride In Print

A unique method of inviting customers to celebratory drinks has been devised by a Wellington brand agency — hiding a miniature vodka bottle in a book. Totem Communications created an intriguing two-tiered “detective story” invite, which commenced when …
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New Zealand company’s digital work voted the best

Press Release – AIM Proximity

At the 31st John Caples Awards for Direct Marketing Excellence held in New York today, AIM Proximity won the Sackheim Best In Show award for their interactive ‘Get in on the secret’ Valentine’s Day campaign for client The Warehouse. In a move that …
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NZ Business embraces DraftFCB’s 1000 Hours Project

Press Release – DraftFCB

The 1000 Hours Project, recently launched by advertising agency DraftFCB, has received a positive response from NZ business. The initiative sees 1000 free hours of advertising expertise offered by DraftFCB to help maintain and create jobs.
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