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Phil Bilbrough: Kony and the Invisible Children

“Yes Dorothy. You can change the world!” I dunno if the Wizard of Oz said those words, but I think that he would have. The Invisible Children people woke up one day and said lets change the world and I think that they have gone a long way to doing so.

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Phil Bilbrough: Try a little tryathlon

Try a little TRYathlon

Phil Bilbrough

Weetbix is the best brand in New Zealand. Trusted healthy and for a breakfast cereal… very active.  And I can’t think of a better sponsored event than the Weetbix Tryathlon.

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Phil Bilbrough: The easiest and hardest advertising campaigns

The easiest and hardest

By Phil Bilbrough

The easiest was my first. The hardest I’ve yet to do. I’m not talking about taking grief and a “hard” time getting the campaign out the door. All campaigns that I have development had wobbles, difficult clients, and dickhead creatives. I’m talking about being asked to tackle a problem through advertising that is tackled each year by many agencies in many countries for many years. That’s hard.

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Phil Bilbrough: When rugby comes to town

Loving the RWC it just keeps on delivering for me. Not so all RWC advertising related though. With some exceptions RWC advertising is dreary, dreary and just a bit dull… Telecom could have done much worse than go with the “Abstain for the game” campaign. Imagine Telecom having the most exciting ad!!
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Phil Bilbrough: a lovely truth

A lovely truth

by  Phil Bilbrough

The UNITEC stories mostly work for me. The trainee photographer, the nurse and the architect all beginning their careers at UNITEC and (at least I believe) to go on.  I don’t know how successful these ads are, but for me they mostly resonate. They are stories of hope, determination and persistence.  Yet it isn’t those attributes that resonate with me, its the people and their teachers. Their situations feel real, their challenges likely, and their goals genuine – and there it is. Its a lovely truth.

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Phil Bilbrough: Getting old in 3D

Getting old in 3D

By Phil Bilbrough

Five guys each beyond forty, with kids to prove it, meet to drink beer, eat pizza and talk football. That was the good part. But this cursed pizzeria has a beer/pizza/movie ticket deal. Buy beer and pizza and get a movie ticket. Why not? We were half we there. We all cruised, as only 40+ fatigued men can cruise to the local theatre and found Harry Potter or Transformers 3D and we went with Transformers: Dark side of the moon. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Walking down the social media avenue

Walking down the social media avenue

by Phil Bilbrough

Love a good bit of social. I love that feeling of being able to reach out and a grab it, only for it disappear. Kind of like a mirage but one that is just at the end of your arm, one that keeps on reappearing. Its a mirage of easy money, easy influence, or of a bigger audience. Its an excitement puff. An illusion that a new big thing might be your new big thing.Empire Avenue

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Phil Bilbrough: Best ads 2010

Best ads 2010

By Phil Bilbrough

Some ads need to be recognised for their above and beyondness. This list probably give you an insight into me more than anything. I would love to see and hear your best ad list. While I’m waiting for that here is my best ads for 2010 and their categories are… Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: the Greenpeace Fonterra rumble in the jungle

The Greenpeace Fonterra rumble in the jungle

By Phil Bilbrough

And in the green corner, Greenpeace an international kickass environment group ready for all comers. In the blue corner Fonterra an international (New Zealand-based) kickass dairy company, and they are in the ring over climate change.

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Phil Bilbrough: be brave be bold.

Be brave be bold.

By Phil Bilbrough

This is nothing like me. Be brave be bold…..great advice for someone else. Not that I’m not working on it. I’m right into positive thinking, affirmations and visualization all to shake my super risk averse curse. Whether its on a football field, at work or making a financial decision I’m cursed with the averse. Read more »

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