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Phil Bilbrough: Getting old in 3D

Getting old in 3D

By Phil Bilbrough

Five guys each beyond forty, with kids to prove it, meet to drink beer, eat pizza and talk football. That was the good part. But this cursed pizzeria has a beer/pizza/movie ticket deal. Buy beer and pizza and get a movie ticket. Why not? We were half we there. We all cruised, as only 40+ fatigued men can cruise to the local theatre and found Harry Potter or Transformers 3D and we went with Transformers: Dark side of the moon. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Walking down the social media avenue

Walking down the social media avenue

by Phil Bilbrough

Love a good bit of social. I love that feeling of being able to reach out and a grab it, only for it disappear. Kind of like a mirage but one that is just at the end of your arm, one that keeps on reappearing. Its a mirage of easy money, easy influence, or of a bigger audience. Its an excitement puff. An illusion that a new big thing might be your new big thing.Empire Avenue

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Phil Bilbrough: Intrinsic Propaganda

Intrinsic Propaganda

By Phil Bilbrough

I don’t usually defend bureaucrats. Yet every day I feel for more and more of them. Many will have an uncertain job future. Many are perceived badly. I have heard many stories of public service bureaucrat’s do-nothing tangles, yet one part of me feels for these people. Its because they work in a vice. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Best ads 2010

Best ads 2010

By Phil Bilbrough

Some ads need to be recognised for their above and beyondness. This list probably give you an insight into me more than anything. I would love to see and hear your best ad list. While I’m waiting for that here is my best ads for 2010 and their categories are… Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Horizontal or vertical? Where should an agency go?

Horizontal or vertical? Where should an agency go?

By Phil Bilbrough

Which way should an advertising agency go? Up, down, across or eek out a living in the middle?  I’m picking that it will go vertical – not up but down. I’m not talking about revenue or profit (maybe I am) I’m talking about the direction in which agencies will acquire other businesses in order to survive. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Puffle Worlds

Puffle Worlds

By Phil Bilbrough

Read on to find out how to monetorize your social network. If you are thinking, “Sell advertising”, “Sell customer data”, “Ask for donations”, “Charge for registration”, “Charge marketers to understand how they can use your social media network”…No no no…You are wrong.  The way to make money is to sell puffles.


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Phil Bilbrough: be brave be bold.

Be brave be bold.

By Phil Bilbrough

This is nothing like me. Be brave be bold…..great advice for someone else. Not that I’m not working on it. I’m right into positive thinking, affirmations and visualization all to shake my super risk averse curse. Whether its on a football field, at work or making a financial decision I’m cursed with the averse. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Love those BIG Ads

Love those BIG Ads

By Phil Bilbrough

I was in advertising and parts of me (liver, kidney) are still. Why did I get into advertising? Well I like BIG ads and when I was offered an ad job, I was unemployed.  I still likeBIG ads. TV Ads were always more exciting than our TV and ads are the only thing to look at in a magazine. Those and the naked women. Read more »

St John Craner: Why Marketing and their Agencies will always lose to Finance

Why marketing and their agencies will always lose to finance

By St John Craner

Marketers and their agencies need to stop defending spend and start creating value. Until they do they will always be seen as a cost, rather than an investment, and sent to procurement to be squeezed. So isn’t it time to stop complaining and start changing?

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Phil Bilbrough: Dreaming of a world of perfect brands.

Dreaming of a world of perfect brands.

By Phil Bilbrough

I’m enjoying Steven Spielberg’s and Tom Hank’s “Brand of Brothers” It came out 2001 in the States and still resonates over there or at least it does on the web. “Brand of Brothers” is an American’s dream of which values America should uphold, a kind of “Brand USA”. Read more »

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