Phil Bilbrough: Dreaming of a world of perfect brands.

Dreaming of a world of perfect brands.

By Phil Bilbrough

I’m enjoying Steven Spielberg’s and Tom Hank’s “Brand of Brothers” It came out 2001 in the States and still resonates over there or at least it does on the web. “Brand of Brothers” is an American’s dream of which values America should uphold, a kind of “Brand USA”. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: “The End of the Line” Movie Premiere

 Environmental organisations, Forest & Bird, Green peace, WWF and ECO, would like to invite you to the New Zealand premiere of “The End of the Line.” This is a powerful movie about the collapse of some European fish stocks. At the end of the movie there will be an opportunity to ask local marine  expects about New Zealand fisheries. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: I was born to…

I was born to… (or Phil’s first rap)

By Phil Bilbrough

I was born to breathe your air, drive loud, gel hair
I was born to use the road, shove bikes, pull the load. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Hubris and Nemesis

Hubris and Nemesis

By Phil Bilbrough

As a part time environmentalist I have begun to see a new side of social media – one that niggles and hurts me, yet like a sadomasochist it makes me love it more. Read more »

St John Craner: Marketing Champs and Chumps of 2009

Marketing Champs and Chumps of 2009

By St John Craner

Here are my marketing chumps and champs for the year just gone. Supreme Chump: Telecom for best cosmetic makeover sold as organisational change, Supreme Champ: Air New Zealand for best marketing innovator without the use of big flash TV ad.

Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Priceless Ideas

Priceless Ideas

By Phil Bilbrough

Where should you take a good idea? When should you let it go?

Years ago I took the first of one of many creative writing courses. The tutor was Sue McCauley (writer of the Other Halves) and she was great and cool. I can’t remember much about the course except (and please don’t quote me quoting her), “Know what your characters did”, and “You don’t get so many ideas when you get older.” Read more »

St John Craner: ANZ and Telecom – lipstick on the gorilla?

ANZ & Telecom: lipstick on the gorilla?

By St John Craner

Telecom new logoANZ new logo

So Telecom and ANZ have just spent the GDP of a small pacific nation on each of their new fancy logos or what we call in the trade – their brands. Would their shareholders feel these ‘re-brands’ add value or secure a return on investment? Will these visual changes pay handsome dividends? Wouldn’t they prefer the thousands of dollars it took a
over-paid, flash harry design agency to be spent on something more tangible? How about spending that money securing jobs (vs. laying them off) or how about improving their woeful customer banking or broadband services? Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Google again

Google again

By Phil Bilbrough

Some time ago, a time before Twitter (ATBT), I presented my predictions for the online future. I believed that social networking sites would offer loyalty schemes to retain their audiences, that Sky TV would go online, that TV advertising would come under serious stress, that Google would take over the world, that we would lose a large newspaper, and that Micheal Jackson would would become the world’s oldest pop star. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Vote for the Kakariki!!! 8 inches of attitude

Its Forest & Bird’s “Bird of the Year” and I’m campaign manager for the sensational Kakariki. Check out why I think that the Kakariki is so cool here.

Its time to vote, go to scroll down the page (way past the Kea) and vote Kakariki for New Zealand’s Bird of the Year 2009.

Link to logo


Phil Bilbrough is a freelance online advertising specialist who has recently begun blogging on the subject for Scoop at He can be contacted at

St John Craner: Are you flying blind?

Are you flying blind?

By St John Craner

I am astounded by the number of companies who ignore how they’re perceived. Are you the same or are you being delusional because the truth might hurt? Knowing how you’re perceived by your market is absolutely vital. If you’re not self-aware you won’t know how to relate to how customers. And if you can’t relate to them, they won’t buy. Read more »