Phil Bilbrough: MeTube


By Phil Bilbrough


YouTube is my kind of deal. For me it is more my space than MySpace ever was. Broadcast Myself? On no.

YouTube, LLC

YouTube (need I write this?)  is a social networking site based on digital material and an online platform for delivering video to other sites. It’s great, and a site whose importance stretches beyond its own URL. Read more »

St John Craner: Where’s the easy money gone?

Where’s the easy money gone?

By St John Craner

We’re now witnessing the lowest form of marketing intelligence: sales (check out Lambton Quay – if you can get past the For Lease signs). It’s a bit like the sales rep that can only make his monthly sales target by dropping his price. What they’ve both forgotten is that they’re selling a price point, not the value of their product or service. They’re also setting an expectation… Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Online cars, chocolate bars, and a city’s ripped backsides

Online cars, chocolate bars, and a city’s ripped backsides

By Phil Bilbrough

What are cars doing online? I mean you can’t take them for a drive. You can’t get inside, smell the new car smell, push the new buttons, rev the gauge into red, you can’t hold the wheel and rub your shoulder blades and buttocks against the new seat. You can’t open the ash tray and glide it shut, and you can’t slam the car door and hear that thump of quality. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Twit twit twitter

Twit twit twitter!

By Phil Bilbrough


I signed-up for Twitter in April 2006,,  probably one of the first 5 milllion, yet did nothing with it for 3 years. My registration did give me the cred to say,  “Yeah Twitter. I’m all over it.”twitter

And I’m all over MySpace and YouTube and Facebook and LinkedIn and TribeHQ. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Get out and play infront of your computer!

Get out and play infront of your computer!

By Phil Bilbrough

Should Government agencies use social networks to communicate their key messages? Yes. Should they develop their own social network platforms? No – well maybe – I mean probably not.

Several weeks ago, I met a colleague, a friend, family over an expresso (in the Italian quarter), he was distressed. His distress was distressing. The Government was infringing his ability to do legitimate business. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Yummy mummies and milky daddies

Yummy mummies and milky daddies

By Phil Bilbrough

How do you advertise on social networking sites? It is a struggle. You are a thirsty stranded marketer and over the desert horizon a shimmer, an oasis, of a vast network appears to quench your parched sand-dried throat. Between you and that cool cool feeling of success, are dunes of client concern, the “What is this again?”, the “How do I do it?”, the “You have to guarantee it will work”, and the “I don’t want to risk my brand” are all steep slippery sand slides that keep that social network mirage out of reach. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Tease me XT

Tease me XT

By Phil Bilbrough

Telecom’s introduction of their new mobile broadband network, “XT” has caused some very welcome ripples in this pond of recession.

Richard Hammond of Top Gear fronts this campaign. The concept is that Hammond test drives things, from cars to boats to aircraft, (you sail a boat and pilot a plane) and now he is going to put XT through its paces. Will he independently evaluate XT? No no don’t be silly – he has sold out. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Oh Oh Viral Video….

Oh Oh Viral Video

By Phil Bilbrough

I love these. There is nothing on this Earth that flaps my flippers more than viral videos. That is until a client says, “Lets do a Viral Video!”

Am I scared of doing a viral video? I’m not scared, but it does make me twitch a bit. A client wanting to do a viral video is kinda like floating the idea of your family holidaying with your friend’s family. The idea is euphoric, the execution is terrible, the relationships are doomed. This is viral video. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Behavioural Targeting and Cool Discovery

Behavioural Targeting and Cool Discovery

By Phil Bilbrough

You’re at work, and as you do, you might take a 2 – 20 minute break to browse the net and catchup with who Amy Winehouse threw her handbag at, the latest Dancing with the Stars drop-out or hook-up rumour, a league/rugby player’s drink and fight/glass throw/drink and drive/drink and sexual allegation. Read more »

Phil Bilbrough: Your world or their world?

Your world or their world?

By Phil Bilbrough

How many marketers unknowingly market to themselves? Do you really understand your audience’s world? An online marketer’s hi-tech world might not be that of their audience. Read more »